Cups and Balls Sets

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The Merlin the Magician Leather Chop Cup

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Cups and Balls

Bill Palmer, owner and founder of Adesso Verlag, has long been an aficionado of the cups and balls. For many years, he featured a version of this classic of magic in his Renaissance Festival act. While he was researching a part he played at Cavalier Dayes of Texas, Bill became engrossed in Hocus Pocus Junior, one of the oldest magic books in the English language.

This book contains what may be the first complete magic routine in the English language. We are now offering this routine as an e-book, in .pdf form.

The Cups and Balls and Other Lessons in Sleight of Hand from Hocus Pocus Junior

contains the complete cups and balls routine, plus the hand to pocket routine and some other manipulations from the first and third editions of Hocus Pocus Junior. The text is suprisingly up to date for a book from the 17th century, and some of the instructions are certainly noteworthy. All of this has been painstakingly transcribed into modern English type by Bill Palmer. There are also historical notes of interest. The price of this e-book is only $7.50.

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