GoldenRod™ Magic Wands

If you like the Mercury Wand from Michael Ammar, you will love the GoldenRod. The GoldenRod is made of highly polished brass rod, with a black heat shrink covering over its center section. Two sizes are available at this time:

GoldenRod™ Wands Permanently Unavailable
for the foreseeable future.

GoldenRod™ (Standard) -- A 14 inch wand, made of 3/8 inch brass rod. The tip sections are 2 inches of satin finished brass -- $25.00

Sold OUT!!!! GoldenRod Lite™-- A 12 inch wand made of 5/16 inch brass rod. The tip sections are 1 3/4 inches of satin finished brass - $20.00

I made my first GoldenRod™ during the 1970's. I didn't call them GoldenRods back then. I just called them wands. Some were made of aluminum tubing, others brass. But I liked the brass the best. The ends of these wands are chamfered for your safety. They are heavy enough to do the Silent Mora wand spin with ease.

Endorsed by International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Cup winner Oscar Muñoz,

Also endorsed by Lonnie Chevrie, one of the most original thinkers in magic.

Here's what Lonnie said in an e-mail to me:

"I am so impressed with this wand. The weight and feel of this wand is perfect. I can't put it down! In my opinion the durability and simplicity of construction will make this wand an instant heirloom. Just one suggestion, triple the price. It will still be a bargain!"

Lonnie Chevrie

Even though it's tempting to raise the price, I'm going to keep it right where it is. I believe in giving a good value for the money.

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